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If you can get enough points in regards to your age, education, work experience compatible with NOC designation acceptable to Canada Immigration, first and second language, and a genuine job offer by  a Canadian company endorsed by HRSDC we can process your skilled worker application. Under this category Immigration Canada has assigned 1200 points of which 600 can be gained by a job offer by a Canadian Company endorsed by HRSDC. Therefore applicants with endorsed job offers are given a higher priority with this 600 job offer points. Immigration Canada selects the remainder of their quota through a score competition. Each applicant registers with Canada Immigration and if he/she meets with  system of scoring requirement  his/her name appears on Immigration Canada site. Immigration Canada will do a draw at the end of each month and selects the remainder requirement from the applicants with the highest scores. It is to be understood that the applicant with confirmed job offer can get their file processed right away therefore the scoring competition selection takes place afterward. We can evaluate your scores and will process your file if you meet the requirement taking into account some cut-off points like English or French test exams. If it happens you cannot meet the requirement we would be able to process your file through US Immigration. To get more information on immigrating to US please go to our website and click on Immigration to US, and then click on EB3 category. Through this category we can help you process your application through employment category. With one year work commitment you can get your permanent resident visa at the initial stage and get your green card. We can help you going through this process from very beginning to the end. If you are serious about immigrating you can contact us to process your application.

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