CGSIM Consulting Ltd is a Canadian consulting firm located in Vancouver Canada engaged solely in practicing of immigration.

We offer expert advice and help to clients enabling them to decide which one of the programs fits them best and try to navigate them to a successful conclusion. You can use our

free assessment tool to assist you to highlight your advantages.

We can process various types of PNP Programs, (Provincial Nominee Program), with a much faster processing time for the skill type or business type.

We work with different provinces to provide immigration processing to our business clients who have excellent business experience but not high on their language or education. We also provide them with our extensive business experience helping them in their new venture.

We offer expert advice to our investor business people giving them exceptional services to get their immigration file processed the fastest possible.

We offer our services for professionals in their immigration and  or helping them to invest in one of the provinces if they qualify.

We also offer our services for clients requiring work permit

We seek letter of acceptance for our student clients from colleges and universities.

We also help them in their settlement when arriving in Canada.